SPAM, a favorite Americana meat product, has teamed up with Tumbleweed to create the perfect Tiny House for their 2017 Summer Sizzle Tour! The construction of this Tiny House was something entirely different for our team. Usually, we build our Tinies to be RV certified (using RVIA code), but the SPAM Tiny House required a commercial kitchen, which meant new codes and restrictions. Our team of experienced carpenters rose to the challenge and created a custom Roanoke that met the client’s needs. The SPAM Tiny House was born!

SPAM Tiny HOuse

An interview with Ashley Hillig, a representative from SPAM, about the SPAM Tiny House & Sizzle Tour:

What is the SPAM Sizzle Tour? 

Ashley Hillig: The tour aims to capture the attention, hearts, and taste buds of America. The SPAM Tiny House of Sizzle travels the country providing samples of innovative SPAM recipes to consumers. We stop in 12 different US cities at festivals, events, baseballs games, etc. where we know consumers are excited to try something new or to see their favorite brand in action.

Why did you choose Tumbleweed to build the SPAM Tiny House? 

Ashley Hillig: We chose Tumbleweed, in particular, because we were excited to have a local builder available with the enthusiasm to bring our dream to reality.


How are people responding to the SPAM Tiny House? 

Ashley Hillig: People are very excited to see a big blue Tiny House in the middle of their festival. It is very eye-catching and provides some great elements for consumers to interact with. Because we are typically parked in the middle of a city, we tend to grab all types of people. Everyone is loving the Tiny House and the recipes we are creating in the kitchen.