With the housing market crash came the solution of tiny homes. Two options available are a tiny house on wheels or foundation. If you are thinking of downsizing and going tiny, what might be the best route for you? Housing costs were unstable, and as folks moved toward cities to find jobs during the recession, housing became limited. This crash forced many to turn to alternative housing ideas into an effort to afford a space near to their employment. Supply and demand in these flourishing towns became unbalanced, and so tiny home popularity grew.

When the economy stabilized, a generation came about who placed the value on experience over ‘stuff,’ so the tiny house boom continued to flourish and it has continued to increase over 900% in the last decade. People from young college students to retirees are seeking Tiny House RVs, ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units), and park models as alternative ways to save money on housing, adopt a more minimalist approach, and put their energy into making memories over hoarding collections of tangible items they may never use.

When you are considering everything from remodeled school buses, houses on wheels, and all forms of park model permanent foundation tiny homes, it can become overwhelming. Here are six things you should consider when deciding which tiny house is right for you.

On Wheels or Foundation