What Makes a Tiny House Toilet Important?

In the Tiny House RV world, toilets are actually considered a luxury item for many interested in saving space and saving money. When building a traditional home, toilets are pretty much basic outside of fancy upgrades like a dual flushing. When you are talking about a build that allows your house to move around, you have to consider all of the options for plumbing since many aren’t connected to traditional water and sewer/septic. This can come with a hefty price tag.

Things To Consider

Your Choices

What Do We Recommend?

After trying nearly all types of tiny house toilet options, our recommendation is a traditional flushing toilet or a quality brand composting toilet. If you are after a compostable, choose one of the most popularly installed toilets for tiny home builders. Brands that builders prefer to use are more affordable, and they are easy to maintain. If you are parked somewhere, and you have access to septic a traditional flushing toilet will do the job just like any standard home build. No matter what you choose, our specialized designers at Tumbleweed Tiny Houses will help you prioritize your price points and provide solutions tailored for your future plans.