Built from the Tumbleweed Harbinger construction plans back in 2011, this 404 square foot Tiny House features a bedroom downstairs with a loft above. Designed to be built on a foundation this Tumbleweed meets the International Building Code requirements. In total we feature 9 different cottage plans.
“Now that I’ve lived in the home for a few months, I can’t imagine needing anything bigger.  My neighbors, who have much larger homes, probably talk it up more than I do, and I never want for visitors who enjoy relaxing in my cozy living room or out on the deck.   There are plenty of small spaces to be had in my town, but few are single-family, energy-efficient homes.  I’m glad to have built a Tumbleweed from the ground up and to be able to live in a way that supports my values, particularly in a time when that can be so hard to do.”

Photos by Daryl Shaw