Tumbleweed DIY Tiny House Plans

Tumbleweed DIY Tiny House Plans2020-12-03T12:34:59-07:00

Your Source for 2 and 3 Bedroom Tiny Houses

  • Purchase the plans

  • Work with houseplans.com to find a local architect to get your build approved

  • Make any modifications you want

  • Get your house built by a local contractor

Can Tumbleweed Build This House For Me?

No. We only build Tiny House RVs on wheels. These houses are built on a foundation and require a contractor that is licensed in your state to build it.

What Help Can I Get From You?

We partnered with houseplans.com to provide all the services you would need from modifications to permit approval.

Tiny Houses on Foundations

Examples of Homes Built From These Plans

Contemporary Tiny House in Great Barrington, MA

Deidre has been interested in building a cottage since she was introduced to Tumbleweed eight years ago. Originally she fell in love with Tumbleweed's B-53 design, but after purchasing a [...]

Little House in Little Rock

Built from the Tumbleweed Whidbey construction plans back in 2011, this 600 square foot Tiny House features a bedroom downstairs with a loft above. Designed to be built on [...]

Biggest Tiny House

In 2008, Ben and Sabrina built a Tumbleweed Enesti. They purchased the building plans and worked with a local architect to modify it to fit their needs.  Checking in at [...]