Each Barn Raiser Includes:

  • Tumbleweed Trailer

  • Fully Framed Tiny House

  • Sheathed Exterior

  • Temporary License Plate

Add What You Want

  • Metal Roof

  • Windows and Doors

  • Exterior Siding

  • RV Certification

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Insulation

  • and more…

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Pictured is the basic barn raiser with no additions. It includes the tiny house trailer, is framed, and sheathed with Zip Board. The trailer includes lights and a temporary license plate.

The Tiny House on the left is the basic barn raiser with the addition of a finished roof.

A shell can be completely finished on the outside … just choose the colors you want. When it arrives to you, it’s ready for any weather and you can finish the inside at your own pace.

Roanoke™ Pacific

Don’t know how to do plumbing and electric? No problem. Leave it to our experienced team to handle that for you. We’ll review your appliance needs and setup everything for you from the breaker box to the optional on demand water heater.

A certified shell meets the basic requirements of a finished RV. Your plumbing and electric is installed, loft(s) are installed, and your basics such as sinks are there.

The interior design is ready for you to make your own.

Get Started

Here’s what you get:

  • Tumbleweed Tiny House Trailer: Trailer includes brakes, lights, underside flashing & more.
  • Sub Floor: We fully insulate the floor, which is cleverly embedded into the trailer.
  • Head Space: Our trailer’s unique design provides an extra 3.5″ of head room.
  • Walls & Roof: Stick-built walls and roof are framed and attached to the trailer.
  • Secured: 8 engineered Simpson Strong tie-downs and engineered strapping.
  • Water Resistant: Framing sheathed in zip boards, an integrated vapor barrier.
  • Roof Protected: Ice and water shielding applied. (Full metal roof is option.)
  • Choose the Upgrades you want.
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Tumbleweed Tiny House Trailer
Radial tires
Gross vehicle weight rating (GVW) of 14,000 lbs (20-26′ trailer) or 16,000 lbs (30′ trailer)
All axles have brakes
Uniquely designed for wall to wall insulation inside the trailer bed
5/8″ diameter zinc plated all-threaded rods, on corners (8)
Minimum tongue length of 4′

Walls and Windows
All walls and roof fully framed
Windows framed with headers, sills and cripple studs to the appropriate rough openings
Door fully framed with header and rough opening, ready to receive your door
Walls fully sheathed in OSB zip board

Main sleeping loft installed

Trailer bed fully insulated
Sub-floor fully installed

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Payment Plans
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