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Certified Green Tiny Homes For Sale

Certified Green    

Tiny Homes For Sale

Tiny Home on wheels for sale
A small, cozy living space with wooden panel walls, a couch with cushions and a blanket, a side table with a lamp, a fire extinguisher by the door, and large windows letting in natural light.
A tiny house office with wood-paneled walls, a laptop on a wooden desk, a potted plant, and a window offering a view of trees and a clear sky creates an inviting and efficient workspace.
A modern kitchen with light wood cabinets, a sink, stovetop, utensils in a holder, open shelves, and a window showing an outdoor view.

$12,995 Down

  Delivery 8 Weeks
  Sleeps 2 + 2 in loft
  Size 249 + 93 ft2 in loft
  Features Air Conditioner
Washer / Dryer

Tumbleweed Models



 Originally built in 1999 as the very first tiny house RV, this classic hasn’t changed.



Influenced by a modern Scandinavian design, we’ve maximized the interior space.



Simple and elegant styling makes best use of the front door along the side.

About Tumbleweed

Buying a Tumbleweed Tiny Home is an excellent choice for those seeking a unique blend of mobility, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Since its inception in 1999, Tumbleweed Tiny Homes has revolutionized the concept of small-spaces. The first Tumbleweed Tiny House, built on a trailer was aptly named “Tumbleweed” because it combined the freedom of mobility with the ability to establish roots, much like the Tumbleweed plant. This innovation has since grown into a comprehensive line of Tiny House RVs, celebrated for their handcrafted beauty and functional design.

In 2013, Tumbleweed took a significant step by joining the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) and becoming a licensed RV manufacturer. This shift allowed the company to focus exclusively on Tiny House RVs, ensuring compliance with RV codes and enhancing the quality and reliability of their products. Under the visionary leadership of Steve Weissmann, Tumbleweed has pioneered the first Tiny House RV and the first Green Certified Tiny House RV. Weissmann’s passion for tiny homes, rooted in his personal downsizing journey, has driven the company’s mission to promote small-space living as an expression of individuality and sustainability.

Tumbleweed Tiny Homes cater to a diverse clientele, from young couples and single women to businesses seeking unique solutions. Approximately 25% of Tumbleweed’s sales are for business purposes, including rentals, mobile offices, and retail displays. The versatility of these homes, whether used as full-time residences, guest houses, or vacation cottages, highlights their adaptability to various lifestyles and needs. Tumbleweeds are found across the United States, from California to Texas, and even in Alaska and Hawaii, underscoring their broad appeal.

Financing a Tumbleweed Tiny Home is accessible, with various loan options tailored to different financial situations. Whether through Tiny House RV loans, traditional RV loans, or personal loans, prospective buyers can find a financing solution that fits their needs. Tumbleweed’s partnerships with lenders facilitate this process, making the dream of owning a tiny home attainable for many. With tiny home prices starting at $99,000, monthly payments are as low as $850.

The popularity of tiny homes is more than a fleeting trend; it’s a sustainable lifestyle choice that’s here to stay. Tumbleweed Tiny Homes are built to RV standards, ensuring durability and quality. With more than 600 tiny homes built, Tumbleweed has a proven track record of excellence. For those seeking a beautifully crafted, mobile, and sustainable solution, Tumbleweed Tiny Homes offer an unmatched combination of innovation, quality, and community.


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Three tiny Tumbleweed houses are set on a grassy lawn under a vibrant pink and purple sunset sky.

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*Calculated at 9% interest with a 25 year term. Rates range from 8.6-13% for approved buyers based on credit history & other factors. Estimated monthly payment includes D&H fees, loan fees, delivery costs and sales tax. Loan fees, delivery costs and sales tax will vary by state. Monthly payment does not include insurance, RV registration fees or property taxes.