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The Cypress is Tumbleweed’s most popular model to date. The rhythm of the design, from its recessed porch and hipped roof, offer an aesthetic with overwhelming popularity.

Cypress Details, Options & Pricing


Tumbleweed’s most beloved and classic model. The iconic Elm facade features a custom arched window above the door. The beauty and function of Elm has withstood the test of time.

Elm Details, Options & Pricing


Synthesizing modern aesthetics and traditional farmhouse form with a rich palette of materials, the Farallon is one of Tumbleweed’s exciting new models.

Farallon Details, Options & Pricing


Featuring a shed style roof, the open floor plan combines kitchen and living under 10 foot ceilings giving the interior a spacious feel.

Roanoke Details, Options & Pricing

DIY Tiny House Products


Tumbleweed Tiny House Shells

We frame and sheath your tiny house on wheels for you. You add the parts and finishes inside and out.

Shell Options & Prices


Tumbleweed Tiny House Trailers

The perfect foundation for your Tiny House RV. Our heavy-duty, RV-rated trailers are the best.

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Tiny House Building Plans

Tumbleweed construction plans include all the details you need to build a high quality tiny house RV.

DIY Building Plans & Prices


Construction Video

The complete “how to” resource for building your tiny house on wheels.

Construction Video Info & Pricing

Are you ready to go tiny? Tumbleweed’s Tiny House Workshops help guide you to build your own Tiny House RV, downsize, learn lifestyle and design tricks, while tapping into the growing alternative movement. Whether you’re just tiny-curious or ready to start construction, our workshop will having you dreaming tiny.
Tiny House RV Workshops
“This workshop was exactly what I needed to convince me that a house on wheels is the lifestyle for me. Great information and happy to have a networking system moving forward.”
– Megan