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Tiny House Communities

Over 250 Places to Park your Tiny House RV

Are you searching for a place to park your Tiny House RV?

Customers typically choose between a backyard or a community.

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We’ve collated over 250 Tiny House Communities and RV Parks around the country that are Tiny House friendly. But in fact, there are 1000’s of communities and parks you can place your Tiny House. Start here, and if none of these options work for you try the following:

  1. Contact RV Parks in the area you are searching.
  2. Contact Mobile Home Communities. Many of them are rather nice and about 1/2 of them allow for RVs.

When talking to any RV Park or Mobile Home Community that isn’t too familiar with Tiny House RVs it’s important to clarify that a Tumbleweed is RVIA certified and from a zoning perspective it’s no different than an Airstream (for example). Many of the RV Parks are hesitant to allow just any Tiny House in because so many don’t meet the minimum safety requirements of that jurisdiction. Rest assured that your Tumbleweed is safe and certified to prove it.

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