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Not having the RVIA Certification can limit your financing, insurance, DMV registration and future parking options. Tumbleweed is one of the few RVIA Certified Tiny House RV builders in the country. If you purchase a fully built tiny house from Tumbleweed, it will be RVIA certified.


The landscape of Tiny Houses continues to grow, but many lenders/borrowers are still unsure of what type of loans to offer for interested buyers. There are generally two routes to take:

RV Loan
With a Tumbleweed, you get the comfort and ease of knowing your Tiny is RVIA certified. This classification, not only helps insurance groups and zoning ordinances, but it helps banks classify your tiny, in efforts of processing your loan. Many credit unions and regional banks are comfortable financing Tumbleweeds, because of this classification. Rates vary, but these loans usually last you around 15 years, and can be as low as $400/monthly.

Tumbleweed offers options of financing, by working with various lenders to ensure we get you in the Tiny of your dreams. Rates vary, based on financial and credit history.


Our Tiny Home RVs can be towed by a standard truck which you may already own or else rent for moving days. To prepare for towing, here are specifications about home weights and minimum tow vehicle requirements. Remember that your home should be titled, licensed and insured to tow legally as an RV.


Depending on your situation, building your own tiny dream house might not be the most economical or practical option.
The best place to see all the options and features of a Tumbleweed Tiny House RV is our “Customize Your Tumbleweed” tool. You’ll see the prices for options and upgrades.
There are more places than ever that allow you to park your Tiny House RV legally.


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