Katrina Touck’e underwent major life transitions in 2015, when she left an unhealthy marriage, sold her business, and took control of her multiple sclerosis by re-prioritizing and eating healthy. Looking to reinvent herself further, she decided to become a roaming health coach and began her search for a non-toxic RV. Through Katrina’s vision, our team at Tumbleweed was able to create the perfect Tiny House RV for her new lifestyle.

Katrina's Tumbleweed

“I researched many manufacturers around the country, and I loved that Tumbleweeds are GREEN built and RVIA certified.”

Katrina Touck’e

Katrina received the call that her Tumbleweed Elm was complete and decided to pick it up herself, even though she didn’t have any towing experience. Nervous about her maiden voyage, Katrina pulled up to the Colorado Springs showroom and was thankful that the Tumbleweed team offered to give her a towing lesson.

After driving the neighborhoods with my Tiny House RV, I felt comfortable and confident,” Katrina explains. “My mentor taught me how to na