KCI-the move

Putting the battens on has made a world of difference in how the tiny house looks.  I love it now.  It's gorgeous.

Bob has made some ingenious shelves in one of the bathroom walls.  He's an excellent cabinet maker, and my cupboards are better than what I have in my house.

The tiny house moved to my parent's property.  Another teacher drove it down and he was masterful.  He pulled that 8.6 foot wide baby into a 9 foot laneway while we stopped traffic.  He made one correction then backed it the rest of the way into its new home.  I just stood there mouth agape.

Today we primed the door and the underbody of the trailer (boy, should that have been done before this time.)

My husband stayed  at the property to meet with the guys who will finish the electrical and the plumbing.  Another guy is putting in the glass into the door.  Next week, someone else will do the roofing.

It's all coming together which means I can finally sleep.  I've lost weight because of the stress -  the kind where you're so nauseous you can't eat.  I'm not sure why I thought the sky was falling, but I did.

We've still got miles to go, but they're short miles now.  Before they were the miles that stretched into infinity.  We need to panel the ceiling and do some finishing touches to the kitchen cupboards.  All the battens need caulking, but this is all doable.  Only the caulking and painting needs to be done this summer.  Everything else can wait.

Written by Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School — November 11, 2010

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