Ella's Fencl

Ella's Fencl (Cypress-18 Overlook)

Ella Jenkins, has recently joined The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Ella will be presenting at our workshops. She will also be writing stories about living in Little Yellow inspiring everyone to simplify your life leading by example.

In college, 5000 miles from home and wondering how a music degree is going to pay the rent in California when I get back.

This was my predicament when I first stumbled upon the solution. More than anything else, it was the need that made the idea of a tiny house so important.

It took about 30 minutes from discovering that something such as Tumbleweed existed to being completely and utterly sold. I called everyone in my family at 2:00am their time to share the moments-old news that I was going to build my own house. I was going to build it, it was going to be marvellous, and I was going to move to the coast so I could play music, be a beach bum and let my perfect airy-fairy lifestyle get me by.

It took a constant rotation of planning, saving, thinking and thinking before it got off the ground, but build we did in the tight space of my mom’s driveway; my stepdad and I, a set of Fencl (Cypress 18 - Overlook) plans, a big pile of lumber and a 7x18’ trailer.

Of course I’d never built anything, I’d never succeeded at a card house. Progress was slow for what felt like ages on weekends and odd days off, and I helped and watched and waited. And then I started getting bolder. September - January I did few things without help and January – October I did few things with it. In the year of creating this house, I went from 0 carpentry knowledge to building my kitchen cabinets.

I chose the name Little Yellow (Buidhe Bheag) because to me, yellow means sunshine, daffodils and California. In Scottish Gaelic, the colour yellow (buidhe) is often used as a positive emphasis symbolizing happiness, luck or beauty. A person who is “pretty, yellow” (brèagha, buidhe) is very pretty indeed, and the phrase “I am yellow” (tha mi buidhe) means that one is well, happy or satisfied.

Now I live by the coast, 1 mile from the best beach I know. I met my boyfriend 3 days after I moved here. I go in the ocean every day. I rent space on a grassy family ranch. I sit in the sunshine and watch the horses kick and run when the wind blows. I shovel manure. I have a bright string of white Christmas lights that line the walls of the great room and make me smile every day.

Little Yellow gave me the freedom to take action in my life and allows for the simplistic way of being that appeals to me so much. It’s a little wonky, but it’s my house and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.


You can learn more about Ella by going to her blog site.

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