Mica 20 Clear


The Mica is our sleek and modern Tiny House RV design. The hot rolled weathering steel siding separates this Tiny House from anything else on the market. At 8 feet 6 inches wide, this model maximizes living space without requiring any special permit to tow. In this floorplan, named the Clear, you enjoy single-level living complete with a full-sized bedroom, separate kitchen and bath, and great open views.

Sleeping Options
The Mica features a downstairs bedroom with built in shelving a closet space above the foot and head of the bead.

Kitchen Options
From cooktops to full stoves, these Tiny House RVs have a range of options to suit your most adventurous cooking ambitions. See more.

Built on wheels which can be covered when parked, this Tiny House RV is easy to move and requires no special permit to tow. Read more about towing options...

Tumbleweed is a nationally certified RV manufacturer, and our homes have conventional RV hookups. And we've added flexibility too.

The most popular power options are:

  • Full electric system with a 50A plug that powers the entire home.
  • A split system with a 30A plug and propane tanks on the hitch. The propane is then used for the heater, stove and water heater.

The most popular plumbing options are:

  • Full bathroom with shower and low flush RV toilet that can be connected to the sewer or an external holding tank. 
  • Shower and kitchen sink connected to the sewer, external holding tank, or gray water system. Toilet is a composting toilet.

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Price and financing payments

Square Feet: 172
Price: $66,000
Monthly: $502/mo*

Tiny House RV Information

The Mica
Length: 20'
Square Feet: 172
Price: $66,000
Monthly: $502/mo*

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