1 Bedroom 172 square feet measuring square footage
Ready made: $60,000

The Popomo is sleek, simple and our easiest house to build. The hot rolled corrosion resistant steel siding separates this house from anything else on the road. At 8 feet - 6 inches wide, the Popomo maximizes the road width without requiring any special permit to tow. Weighing approximately 7500 lbs, it can be towed easily by many full sized trucks. Including the hitch, the trailer is approximately 24' long. Step inside this single level, 172 square foot house on wheels and you'll find the basic necessities:

Living Room

Once inside the Popomo you are greeted by the 3 panel sliding back door. Designed to maximize both view and solar gain, the tiny house can be made to feel amazingly large. One side of the front door is flanked by a built in closet, and the other side showcases the stainless steel fireplace.


The kitchen is equipped with a small refrigerator, built in stove top, and a sink. White cabinets are offset by charcoal black counter tops. Hidden in the blind corner is a small propane water heater. The kitchen uses standard cabinet sizes that can be found at almost any hardware store.

Can I add a dishwasher or laundry to the kitchen?
In theory, you can change the layout of the kitchen to meet your needs. However, don't expect it to be easy. As you can see, there isn't too much room to play with.


The bedroom is 4'8" wide (a little smaller than a queen mattress) and can sleep 2 people. A large piece of foam is cut and rolled up to fit through the door before being put into place. Cabinets and shelves flank both the head and foot of the bed.

Can I add a loft?
While it is possible to add a loft, this house is not intended to have a loft. Maximum road height in many states is 13'6", and the house stands at 12'3" without the loft. Please check your states minimum road sizes before deciding to increase the height.


Like on many boats, the bathroom is the shower ... and it is called a "wet bath". Using water proof truck liner paint, the walls of the bathroom are sealed tight, allowing for a quick shower. The toilet is a low flush RV toilet designed to conserve water.

Efficient and Warm

In addition to being affordable to build, the Popomo uses a beautiful stainless steel propane fireplace to warm the house, which compliments the large windows intended to face South during the winter for excellent solar gain. We've worked with HVAC engineers to insulate the house properly so that it stays warm enough, or cool enough in any climate in the continental US, the Alaskan coastline and Hawaii. The Popomo can be heated to 68 degrees in climates as cold as 35 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit). For those living outside the continental US, we've added a table showing the additional heating requirements needed ... for example in the interior of Canada and interior Alaska. Other utilities work much the same as an RV ...


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