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Partnership Opportunities with Tumbleweed

two years ago Tumbleweed was still a tiny company. Many people I meet today still
think of Tumbleweed as that little company with just 1 employee, and are
surprised to learn we now have a staff of roughly a dozen people working
in Sebastopol, Seattle, Hawaii, New York, Kansas City, Romania and

I believe good things will continue to happen for both us and the
Tiny House Movement. Interest continues to grow, and we’ve really
cemented Tumbleweed as the leader in the movement.

Currently I’m working on a couple new projects that I’m very excited
about. One is creating a licensing package which allows our fans to
create their own business building Tumbleweed Houses for sale. The other
is working with private lenders to arrange financing for the inventory
of houses at rates not available at your bank. So please read on to
learn more.

Become a Tumbleweed Builder

This idea is perfect for passionate builders who want to build
amazing small homes but don’t have customers yet. Our plan is to work
with builders around the country who will build Tumbleweed Houses and
then sell them through our website. We love it because it allows you to
do what you do best – build a great home. You know from the start that
you are building a beautiful product with a demand that actually exists.
And, you have the confidence that we’ll work together to find a buyer
using our database of over 100,000 fans. We earn our royalty only after
the house is sold … so you know that we are in it with you.

Click here to pre-register.

Green Loans

Occupy Wall Street has made us think about who we are borrowing money
from. Banks are paying you 1% on your savings, and lending it to
Tumbleweed at 10%. That isn’t fair … especially since our bank received
$25 billion in bail out money.

We need to change that. We want to work with conscientious lenders –
whether you are a private money broker, or someone looking for an
interesting opportunity, we’re interested in talking to you. And we are
more than happy to pay you the same rate we’re paying our bank.

In addition to replacing our current loans, we’re also exploring the
idea of increasing our house inventory from 4 houses to 8-10 houses. It
makes much more sense to be selling houses “off the lot” rather than ask
our customers to wait 4-5 months before we finish a house for them.

If you’re interested in discussing this more, please tell us your name and email address and I’ll get back to you.


Steve Weissmann


Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

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