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The year was 1999 when our first tiny home was mounted to a trailer. The little home was named Tumbleweed because it had roots and was mobile at the same time. And in that moment, the seeds for a housing revolution were planted.

Workshop Presenters and Hosts

Experienced and talented tiny house builders and owners teach you in our “Dream Big. Live Tiny.” workshops how to join the tiny house movement and get started building your perfect tiny house to fit your needs.

  • Ella Jenkins

    Ella and her dad came to the Los Angeles workshop and built her Cypress together.


  • Art Cormier

    Art used SIPs and reclaimed wood to build his Elm before making the Construction DVD.

  • Meg Stephens

    Meg designed the Linden model for Tumbleweed and is now building her very own tiny home.

  • Brittany Yunker

    Brittany attended the Olympia workshop before building her custom Cypress.


  • Guillaume & Jenna

    Guillaume and Jenna built on the Tumbleweed Trailer, and the couple is taking their tiny house on a one year road trip across the U.S.

Sales and Support Staff

Have questions about your order? Need to know what steps to take to own a tiny house? Our sales and support staff are here to help you get the most out of your tiny house experience. Have a question? Send us an email at .

  • Ross Beck

    Ross Beck drafted his first tiny houses as a high school freshman and 30 years later lived part-time in a Tumbleweed. At Tumbleweed, Ross is in charge of everything from taking media requests, to answering customers’ questions about building a tiny house.

  • Holly Ortega

    Holly Ortega is the event and logistics coordinator for Tumbleweed and has grown up in tiny houses her whole life. “Living life with less, strangely enough, can be so fulfilling.” Holly lives in a 662 square foot bungalow in Santa Rosa with her husband Christopher and her dog Lucy Lu.

  • Amy Kitay

    Amy Kitay is thrilled to be Sales Manager and has a background in Human Ecology as well as real estate and home remodeling sales. Amy loves selling Ready-mades and Amish Barn Raisers, and is owned by her two dogs: Esther, a Flat-Coated Retriever, and Frankie, a Jack Russell.

  • Cassie O’Mara

    A minimalist by nature, Cassie loves the beauty, simplicity and ingenuity of tiny houses and feels lucky to be able to share that passion in her job as Customer Service Coordinator. Cassie is also passionate about her husband, two kids, sweet dog, big garden, old truck, and living in Sonoma County.

  • Jeff Brown

    Jeff is responsible for starting Tumbleweed's very first showroom in Colorado Springs. He loves all the outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer him and his lab, Brody.

Office Staff

These are the people that work quietly in the background, making sure that the company works as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

  • Steve Weissmann

    In 2006 he discovered Tumbleweed and soon bought into the little start-up, becoming its 2nd employee and president in early 2007. He graduated cum laude from UCSD with a degree in Quantitative Econ & Decision Science. He resides in Sonoma with his wife and two kids.

  • Sarah Hake

    To be updated soon.

  • David Hunt

    David Hunt is the graphic designer for Tumbleweed. Graduating from California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelors of Science degree in Graphic Design, he has always had a passion for art and design.

  • Martin Adams

    Martin Adams is a web developer. His desire to live gently upon the Earth, along with his fascination with computers (he loves to code), goes a long way toward explaining his exuberant love of Macs, elegant code, and simple design.

  • Chris Johnson

    Chris is a native of Colorado. He has been designing in the construction industry for a little over 10+ years. Recently married, and enjoys 4 wheeling.

Tumbleweed Builders

These are the craftsmen who build Tumbleweed Trailers, Amish Barn Raisers and Ready-mades. Amish-built and made in the USA, Tumbleweed products are known worldwide for their craftsmanship due to the care and hard work of these men.

  • Dave Fisher

    Dave is the firstborn son of Pop Fisher. He has always been an entrepreneur and started his first business at the age of 19. Construction and Building is in his blood. He is mainly in the office taking care of business operations and sales. He and his wife and daughter live in Colorado Springs, CO.

  • “Pop” Fisher

    Pop’s main trade in his early years was a cabinet maker. He also enjoys buying and selling antiques. He owns an antique store in Intercourse, PA. He is the patriarch of the Fisher boys. Pop & Mom Fisher live in Lancaster, PA and are members of the old order Amish church. He enjoys going to Colorado to help his sons via Amtrak.

  • Allen Fisher

    Allen, aka “Tall One” is a strapping 6’7” tall. He is the one in charge of making sure the tiny homes are done with the utmost quality and craftsmanship. He enjoys ATVing in the Colorado wilderness. He lives in Colorado Springs, CO.

  • Ben Miller

    Ben is married to the one and only Fisher girl. He is a draftsman for the tiny homes. He is the “brains” behind seeing if things will work for a tiny home. He and his family live in Colorado Springs, CO.

  • Ivan Fisher

    Ivan is the youngest Fisher kid. He is a carpenter on the tiny homes. He and his wife live in Colorado Springs, CO. They are expecting their first child in 2015.

  • James Petersheim

    James grew up Amish in Pennsylvania. He, his wife, and 5 children just moved to Colorado this summer to be our delivery person. He enjoys the Colorado hunting, fishing, and hiking.

  • Erik Sorenson

    Erik is originally from Ohio. He has been in the construction industry for 13 years and he does the framing, siding, & roof. He and his fiancé and two sons enjoy fishing and hiking.

  • Adam Peck

    Adam hails from New Mexico. He has been in the construction industry for 10 years. He specializes in framing.

  • Dylan McGehee

    Dylan is originally from Missouri. He has been in the construction industry for 20 years. He has an eye for details and he works on the interior finishes of the tiny homes.

  • Mike Gillespie

    Mike grew up in Germany and Texas. He has been in the construction industry for 20+ years. He has an eye for details and he works on the interior finishes of the tiny homes. He and his wife enjoy dirt bike trail riding.

  • Michael Cassano

    You’ll hear a thick New York accent from Mike! He is from Long Island, NY. He has been in the construction industry for 25+ years. He specializes in the HVAC, Electrical, & Plumbing parts of the tiny homes. In his spare time he enjoys restoring classic cars.

  • Anthony Cassano

    Anthony is Michael’s son and is his right hand man. He works on the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems of the tiny homes.

  • Austin Baker

    Austin is the newest member of the team. He if originally from Texas and has 13 years of construction experience. He works on the framing, siding, & roof of the tiny homes. He and his wife and son enjoy camping, and the Colorado mountains.

  • Stephen Schloesser

    I am a Colorado native. Have been working in manufacturing for 20 years and I am very excited to be a part of the Tumbleweed group! Some of my favorite leisure time activities include hiking and camping with my kids and I've been fortunate to have been able to visit 42 of our states so far. Proud father of two boys and enjoy being a part of who they are! Also a big Broncos fan, go Broncos!!!

Colorado Springs, CO

Tumbleweed Showroom
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Sonoma, CA

Tumbleweed Offices
15 West MacArthur St
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(877) 331-8469 ext. 227

Tour Hours
Mon - Sat 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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