These homes are stationary designs built as a main house or guest house. Most of the plans have an optional extra bedroom in back. The house sizes range from 261 sq ft up to 874 sq ft. We do not build the Cottages. They are designed to be built on site with a local contractor of your choosing.

Bodega plans BODEGA
Studio 261 sq ft
1 Bedroom 356 sq ft
  Loring plans LORING
Studio 261 sq ft
1 Bedroom 356 sq ft
  New Vesica Plans NEW VESICA
Studio 289 sq ft
1 Bedroom 384 sq ft
Harbinger Plans HARBINGER
Studio 310 sq ft
1 Bedroom 404 sq ft
  Whidbey Plans WHIDBEY
1 Bedroom 461 sq ft
2 Bedroom 557 sq ft
  Enesti Plans ENESTI
2 Bedroom 746 sq ft
3 Bedroom 874 sq ft
Sebastarosa Plans SEBASTAROSA
2 Bedroom 750 sq ft
3 Bedroom 847 sq ft
  B-53 Plans B-53
2 Bedroom 777 sq ft
3 Bedroom 874 sq ft
  Z-Glass Plans Z-GLASS
1 Bedroom 370 sq ft


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