Mt Hood Tiny House Hotel

Campground Owners & Business Purchasers

Tiny House Hotels

Satisfy the big demand for those wanting to stay in a tiny house RV by offering ready-to-rent units at your location.

We partner with you to help market your tiny house rental(s) using our website and database that contains hundreds of thousands of Tumbleweed fans.

Each year we add several new locations with multiple repeat customers who find repeated success.

Here are a few samples:

Tiny House Community Developers

100% financing available for community owners to purchase Tumbleweeds for resale onto your land. Don’t miss out on customers who are ready to move in now.

Profit on the sale of Tumbleweeds  in your Community by become a licensed Tumbleweed Dealer.

Branded Units

We’ve created branded experiences that include customers such as SPAM, BEHR Paint, and Orchard Supply Hardware.

Special Use

Past customers have ordered 12 mobile offices to a fleet of COVID testing units.

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