Small bathroom design is a challenge for even the best designers. No other room in the house requires so much of so little space.
Considerations include toilet, sink, shower, storage, appearance, door
clearances and ventilation, all of which will be exposed to frequent use and
copious amounts of moisture. Bathrooms in American homes have doubled in size
in the last thirty years. Bathrooms in older homes average 5×8. Bathrooms in
Tumbleweed Cottages range from 4 ½ x 4 ½ for the smaller of two tiny bathrooms in
the Sebastarosa to 7 ¾ x 5 ½ for the single bathroom in the Whidbey.

The question then becomes how to get the most out of your
small bathroom. Who better to answer that question than Tumbleweed? As with any
space we recommend that you look at your needs first and then design with those
needs in mind. Who will be using this space? How much storage will they need?
Is a tub necessary or, for your needs, would that be wasted space? Finally, you
will need to know your budget and local codes. Once you make those
determinations the planning can begin.


There are several decisions to be made regarding the toilet fixture that you install. We are happy to report that environmentally minded regulations require low flow toilets on all new bathrooms or remodels. The question then becomes whether you want a gravity fed model or one with a pressure assist. Gravity fed models are less expensive however, they frequently need to be flushed multiple times to clear the bowl thereby negating some, if not all, of the benefits of purchasing a low-flow toilet in the first place. A toilet with pressure assist is more efficient and uses less water but the fixture is also more expensive. Although they have come a long way since first appearing on the market they do tend to make more noise – an important consideration in a small space.

Toilet shape is another consideration. Rounded bowls are more traditional and take less space. Elongated bowls, however, tend to be the norm in newer builds. The advantage of an elongated bowl over a rounded bowl is an increase in the surface area of the water. Toilets with elongated bowls designed for smaller spaces are available but must frequently be special ordered.

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