How to overcome self defeating mindsets on stuff

  • If you’ve got items to get rid of which are valuable, consider selling them but also consider the value of your own time. If you earn more than it’s worth doing, just give it away and let someone else enjoy it.
  • If you have family valuables which are historical or just mean a lot to you, find a way to keep them whether it’s through another family member or by passing it on and finally letting go of it.  Always consider parting with it and keeping a smaller item instead. And if you do the latter, take a digital photo for keepsake.
  • If you’re just overwhelmed with the amount of stuff, the last portion below is for you where I’ll help you categorize and take action fast.

Organizing and processing your junk FAST!

This portion will show you how to categorize, organize, and process your unwanted stuff as fast and efficiently as possible. Most of us lose efficiency while multitasking so staying focused until your finished is going to be a key factor in getting this done.

Step 1: Pick one spot to work on and stay focused on it until it’s completion. Avoid every other area of your home. You can start with your bathroom drawers, bedroom closet, ottoman, junk drawer, desk, or even something as little as one book shelf. The smaller and more specific, the better (because you’ll build momentum instead of frustration).

Step 2: Pull everything out and make three piles. 

The first pile is to get rid of so you can call this one give/sell. The second pile is trash. This stuff is so worthless and outdated that it would be a burden to give to someone else. Trash it or leave by the curb and don’t feel bad! The manufacturer shouldn’t have made such a crap product in the first place. The third pile is for you to keep. Pretty simple, right?

Step 3: Now it’s time to take action since you’ve made your three manageable action piles. 

If your categories are overwhelming it’s because you need to pick something smaller and more specific to reduce next time around. Like instead of your entire bathroom, how about just one of the drawers in there instead? Either way, it’s time to take action. Organize your keep file back to it’s home, sell and give away your unwanted but usable stuff, and trash the rest. Congratulations, you did it!

Useful resources for selling and giving away your stuff FAST!

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