Nestled in the picturesque town of Bayfield, Colorado is the Marlin Tiny Home Village. Like so many tiny home communities popping up around the US, this village caters to Tiny Home RV owners. The town itself is home to approximately 3,000 people at an elevation of 6,975 feet.

Tracey was beginning the next chapter of her life when her father suggested she explore the remote bedroom community. Upon meeting the village founders, Linda and Mark, a bond was formed and Tracey bought a certified pre-owned Tumbleweed Roanoke 30’ RV they had on site.

Tracey explains, “Everything felt right. And I kept thinking though, there’s got to be a catch. So far there is no catch. They are just amazing people. I feel like I’m already part of their family.” And when she walked inside the Tumbleweed, the layout of the space drew her to it. “What was most important for me was having a living room area space. And the two lofts are amazing. I have extra room for storage.” Her 30’ tiny home is on the smaller side, featuring 260 square feet on the main level plus 2 lofts adding another 153 square feet. The small space boasts a living space, kitchen, bathroom, office, sleeping loft and storage loft.

Tracey admits she’s still figuring out how to best organize the small space. And her kitchen is full of “fancy things” she hasn’t yet learned to use. Even with all those appliances, from convection oven to washer/dryer combo, she doesn’t have a dishwasher. Instead, Tracey washes dishes in her large sink while admiring the horses outside her kitchen window.