Workshops Produce New Tiny House Experts!

When people attend tiny house workshops, they begin by introducing themselves and their reasons for wanting to go tiny. Sometime earlier they had discovered tiny houses and tiny dwellers online, and been inspired by the possibilities of a house-on-wheels. Now they are spending time with tiny experts and other like-minded people in person, and the reality of going tiny seems within reach.

At Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, we are thrilled to watch the co-mingling during workshops. Afterwards, the entire tiny house community cheers as new tinies get built and people transform into experts! Here are three people who have become tiny living influencers and leaders in their own rights. 

Brittany Yunker sitting next to her Bayside Bungalow

Brittany’s Experience

“At the age of 26, I set out on my dream – to build a house for myself, ” explained Brittany Yunker. “Five months later, I had a tiny house on wheels.” She built her tiny home after attending a Tumbleweed workshop and spending time with Dee Williams. Without any building experience, she created a great cottage exterior. She also modified the interior and really took care and effort to accent her home with charm.

Brittany built and lived in her home, in a bucolic location overseeing the Puget Sound. It fit her perfectly!  As her life changed, she moved into another tiny place located in downtown Olympia — and opened her Bayside Bungalow for nightly rentals. During 2014, Brittany will be leading Tumbleweed workshops too.

Ella Jenkins poses with her Little Yellow home

Ella’s Experience

“I bought plans, went to a workshop with my dad, bought a trailer the next week, and started in September with no idea what I was doing,” said Ella Jenkins. “Little Yellow is the embodiment of all that I hold dear; she is practical, beautiful, and slightly imperfect. What more could I ask for?” She built her home with a little help from her father, and a few others along the way.

Today, Little Yellow has moved from her build location in Southern California to a coastal location overlooking Half Moon Bay, CA. It’s exactly the place the Ella envisioned for her tiny home, where she pursues her musical and artistic muses. She also leads Tumbleweed workshops.

Guillaume Dutilh with Jenna Spesard and friends in their home

Guillaume’s Experience

“I can’t tell you enough how helpful it is to attend a workshop presented by someone who has actually built a Tumbleweed house,” exclaimed Guillaume Dutilh. He attended Seattle and Los Angeles workshops, which “were an amazing source of knowledge and a great opportunity to meet like-minded people. Ya know, the ones that get excited about composting toilets and wall siding.”

Community is the theme of his tiny house build, with many volunteers swinging hammers on the weekends. Together with his partner, Jenna, construction on their tiny house will be finished in early 2014. They plan to tour all around the country, attracting new tiny house lovers along the way. Some of their stops will coincide with Tumbleweed workshops as well. Since Guillaume is a professional photographer, we can’t wait to see how his Tumbleweed rolls along this coming year!

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