How to get around Building Codes and Zoning for Tiny House Living

Greg Johnson of the Small House Society published a video on how city housing codes influence tiny house living. In a 4 minute video he covers a viewers question, “where can you legally put a tiny house on wheels?” Greg does a great job of explaining the problems we face in addition to different ways you can get around them. He also briefly discusses cities that are beginning to allow this type of housing as completely legal accessory dwelling units. Greg talks about the challenges faced by code enforcement to catch folks sleeping in recreational vehicles, campers, and tiny houses.

I’ll let him do the talking, Hope you enjoy and be sure to visit the Small House Society for more information related to the tiny house movement.

If you want to listen to Greg’s tips on how to get around building codes and city zoning, I encourage you to watch his 4-minute video below:

Alex Pino promotes tiny houses and other small spaces through Tiny House Talk. He currently lives in a 600 square foot apartment and has been downsizing since 2007. In the summer of 2012, he’s going to be traveling through the United States after paring down to what fits in a backpack

Written by Alex Pino — June 05, 2012

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Do you live in a Tumbleweed Tiny House?

We are in search of Tumbleweed Tiny House builders! If you built a Tumbleweed or had one built for you and are currently living in it, we'd love to hear from you. Help us share your story and pictures of your tiny house experience with Tumbleweed fans. 

Send us an email support [at] and let us know which model you built and in what city you're located. You can help inspire tiny house enthusiasts to finally build that Weebee and join the tiny house movement! 

Written by Bridget Thornton — May 04, 2012

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