It’s summertime and the living is easy… well, easier.  If you’re an off-grid homesteader, summer is hijacked by gardening, preserving, fetching water, composting, adjusting solar panels, and much more. Yes, it’s true, living alternatively requires extra effort, especially in the beginning. But today I’m here to make your life easier with three simple and innovative solar cooking appliances.

Solar cookers will save you money, time, and effort!

You can make your own solar cooker with a little creativity and research, but, in my opinion, purchasing an efficient and proven solar oven is worth the money. Let’s compare three of the TOP SOLAR OVENS available for purchase: Solavore Sport, SunFlair, and GoSun Sport. 

Watch a comparison video or read on below:

1). Solavore Sport

Pros: Versatility. The Solavore Sport can slow cook or bake. Add reflectors to cook in winter, a cloudy day, or to achieve higher temperatures. This oven is also large enough to cook big meals (can feed up to 8 people). It is also the only oven of the three made in the USA.

Cons: Most expensive.  Least compact and transportable of the three, although you can purchase the carrying case and store it outside.

Who is it perfect for? Off-grid cabins or Tumbleweeds that don’t move often. Especially perfect for families or people that like to cook big meals.

solar cooking


  • Purchase here:
  • Price: $287 (w/ reflectors)
  • Temperatures: 225º – 250º w/o reflectors, 275º-325º w/ reflectors
  • Cooks for up to 8 people
  • Made in USA
  • Preheat necessary: Yes

2). SunFlair

Pros: Most compact and lightweight. This solar cooking appliance can fold down to the size of a towel and weighs just a little over 1 pound! It’s also the most affordable solar oven of the three.

Cons: Not as quick to cook as the other two. Can blow away in the wind if not tied down or protected.

Who is it perfect for? Backpackers, sailboats, or those without a lot of storage space or weight accommodation.