When I’m off-grid with my Tiny House RV, I want to be comfortable. That means I need the right appliances and gadgets to help maintain my lifestyle. Below I’ve listed my favorite off-grid appliances and materials, in no particular order. I can’t live without these items!

off-grid appliances

Solavore Solar Oven

8 Off-Grid Appliances I Can’t Live Without!

1). Solavore Solar Oven

My Tiny House RV doesn’t have a regular oven, but even if it did, I would use my solar oven when I was off-grid. The Solavore Solar Oven uses zero electricity, and it even works during winter with the help of sun enhancing reflectors! All you need is sunshine and an appetite.

2). BioLite Camp Stove and lantern

Cooking outside is my preferred method when I’m off-grid. With my compact BioLite camp stove, which burns small pieces of wood, I can charge my cell phone with the energy it produces. That’s a handy tool when electricity is at a premium. I also love to use my BaseLantern as a camp light because it’s very bright, lasts a long time, and is compact.