Decorating a tiny house RV is different from a regular house. With limited space, comes unique challenges. You need to be more mindful about what use, or you can easily create a cluttered look and feel.

How can you make your tiny house look beautiful and be equally functional?

Here are four essential small space décor considerations.

  • Prioritize Functionality

Although you’ll want your tiny house to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible, with the limited space you’ve chosen, you need to consider functionality before everything else.

If you have too many things in a small space, it can quickly become overly cluttered and begin to feel a little claustrophobic. This is the last thing you want in your small living space. If anything, you should be looking to optimize the space that you already have.

The idea of functionality comes primarily from the furniture. Instead of spending your money on unnecessary accessories, let the furniture be the foundation of your décor. After all, that’s what you need the most.

Before deciding on the aesthetics of your room, decide on the furniture (purchased or built-in) first, and allow the rest to follow.

Multi-purpose furniture will be your saving grace when it comes to decorating your small space effectively. If you’re into bold interior décor, then in this instance, why not make your furniture the statement piece? Because you won’t have as much wall space for art and design pieces, it’s worth considering getting your bold colors and patterns across through your furniture.

For example, going for a sofa with a dramatic color could be the difference between your small room stylishly popping, and it being a little lackluster.