As with most DIYers, Eddie and Lacey didn’t have any construction experience prior to their Tumbleweed build. Eddie attended a Tumbleweed workshop in 2010, purchased a trailer, dvd and Cypress construction plans a few years later and then attended another workshop with Lacey halfway through their build. “The second workshop provided us confirmation that our house was correctly built” Eddie explained, “It also served as a great confidence boost for future work on the Tiny House RV.” In 2014 their Tiny House was complete.

“I’m a real estate agent in Texas,” said Eddie, “I know Tiny House RVs aren’t for everyone, but I’m happy to be qualified to show people an alternative.”

Eddie and Lacey have organized, decluttered, decorated and added functional shelves, storage and furniture to their Tiny House RV.

We asked Eddie and Lacey a few additional questions

How did your AC unit work this summer in Austin?

“We did have some trouble for about a week where our condensation line developed build up and began to leak inside the house! Luckily we quickly figured out how to clear out the line with white vinegar and a smaller tube. Aside from that issue, it’s been working wonderfully!”

Do you like being in the RV park?

“We still enjoy staying at the RV park. We have all sorts of people coming in and overall our personal stay has been good.”

Do you mind sharing your monthly costs associated with your Tiny House RV?

“Including utilities we pay around $350 for the Tiny House RV life. Not too shabby!”

Any final advice for someone who wants to build their own Tiny House RV?

1). Don’t expect this to be easy. It certainly is a challenge but there are so many resources and support opportunities to help guide you along the way. The trick is to make it fun and enjoy it. Don’t sabotage yourself.

2)  If there is anything you can do to allow yourself to build indoors, do it. Otherwise, be sure you are prepared for possible weather delays.

3). Give yourself a realistic timeline. It’s easy to want to have it built it a couple months, but if you are inexperienced like we were, you probably can’t expect that much.