Today we’re giving you a sneak peek of the brand new Jellystone Park Tumbleweed Tiny House RVs! These Yogi-Bear themed Tinies are gearing up to hit the road for their Jellystone Park road trip tour! Find out how you can visit them or book a night stay by reading more below.

The “Boo Boo Bear” – Jellystone Park Tumbleweed

The “Boo Boo Bear” Tiny House RV is a Tumbleweed Elm design, with a robin’s egg blue exterior and deep red door. This Tiny sleeps five comfortably, so it’s perfect for a family vacation. The interior features a storage staircase that’s easy to climb, a kitchenette, and full bathroom with shower and toilet.

The “Cindy Bear” – Jellystone Park Tumbleweed

The “Cindy Bear” is every little girl’s dream Tumbleweed! Her design features a side porch, storage staircase, and pink painted exterior siding. Like Boo Boo Bear, this Tiny can accommodate five dreamers and offers a full bathroom. The extra interior space, supplied by the Tumbleweed Cypress design, allows for the kitchenette to be placed in the front of the Tiny House RV, surrounded by bay windows for a gorgeous view of the campground.

Jellystone Park Tumbleweed

Jellystone Park Tumbleweed

The “Yogi Bear” – Jellystone Park Tumbleweed

The “Yogi Bear” is our classic Tumbleweed Cypress design. Like Cindy and Boo Boo, this Tiny will sleep a family of five and features a kitchenette and full bathroom. The deep green exterior helps this Tiny blend in with nature, making it easier to steal a pic-a-nic basket perhaps?

Book a night stay and/or attend an open house event!

These three Tumbleweeds will be touring Jellystone Park locations this summer, holding open house events and giving campers an opportunity to book a night stay! This is a wonderful (and fun) experience for any family considering Tiny House RV ownership.

The first Jellystone Park open house event is May 20th, from 12-5pm, at the Jellystone Park in Gardiner, New York. *For more information, and future events, CLICK HERE *

Article written by: Jenna Spesard

 Jenna SpesardTumbleweed Tiny Houses Lifestyle Blog built a Tumbleweed in 2014 and traveled with it for one year, clocking over 25,000 miles. She writes about the Tiny House Movement and travel on her blog:  “Tiny House Giant Journey.”