In recent years multiple TV shows, documentaries and popular news channels have shined a spotlight on the tiny house movement. At this point, almost everyone is aware of Tiny House RVs. Micro dwellings are truly sweeping the nation! 

Why do Tiny House RVs fascinate so many people? Some enthusiasts are attracted to the innovative designs; others dream of zero debt. College students think of their independence, and retirees are intrigued by the low maintenance lifestyle. Nomads love the mobility and flexibility. Environmentalists are drawn to the idea of shrinking their carbon footprint.

Tiny House RVs, and the lifestyle they encompass, inspire people to go for their dreams! Let’s take a look at 10 Tumbleweed Tiny House RVs built this year.

10 Inspirational Tiny House RVs from 2016:

Photo credit:Miranda Aisling Hynes

1). Big Art Tiny House

Miranda’s purple beauty is located on the front lawn of a community arts center near Boston, Massachusetts. The design for “Big Art Tiny House” is based off of the Tumbleweed Cypress and features handmade local art throughout the interior. More info here. 

Photo credit: Wanderlust Tiny House

2). Wanderlust Tiny House

Lauren and Patrick purchased a Tumbleweed Barn Raiser in January 2016 and finished their build by April. Currently they are traveling around the country with their Tiny House RV, exploring and camping in state parks. More info here. 


Photo credit: Appalachian Tiny House

3). Appalachian Tiny House 

Evan and Kristin share their brand new Tumbleweed Cypress with their dog and cat. Their beautiful backyard set up is located in Virginia. More info here.

Photo credit: Mt. Hood Tiny House Village

4). Scarlett Tiny House

Scarlett is a Tumbleweed Elm built and customized specifically for the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village to have a farmhouse theme. This tiny features two lofts and a downstairs sleeping space, so it’s great for a family vacation. More info here.

Photo credit: Meg Stephens

5). Meg’s Tiny House

Meg Stephens originally design the Tumbleweed Linden and her plans have sold to hundreds of builders in the last few years. In 2016, she has finally built her own tiny dream house. Look at that intricate trim work! More info here. 

Photo credit: Tiny House Oklahoma

6). Tiny House Oklahoma

Tiny House Oklahoma, a Tumbleweed Elm design, was recently on display at “Dads Fest” on Father’s Day 2016. Over 200 people were able to walk through this craftsman style tiny! More info here

Photo credit: Room to Spare Tiny House

7). Room to Spare Tiny House

Jeff and Megan have been building their tiny dream for the past two years in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their Tumbleweed Linden is starting to come to life this year, as they finish the interior in 2016. More info here.

Photo credit: “Paulie” Tiny House

8). “Paulie” Tiny House

“Paulie” is a modified Tumbleweed Cypress currently being built by a father/daughter team. Randy has been teaching his daughter, Nicki, the life skill of carpentry and named the tiny in memory of a dear friend. More info here.

Photo credit: College Tiny House

9). College Tiny House

Matthew Hicks is 18 years old and finishing his own Tumbleweed Cypress to take to college this fall. The red siding really pops! This spring, Matthew asked a girl to prom by writing on the side of his tiny. More info here.

Photo credit: Best Little House in Texas

10). Best Little House in Texas

Cody and Randi built their Tiny House RV based off of Tumbleweed Elm plans. We love the side french door and intricate woodwork throughout! More info here.


Jenna BioJenna Spesard is currently traveling around North America in a DIY Tumbleweed Cypress. She writes about Tiny Homes and travel on her informative blog: “Tiny House Giant Journey.”