A Picture-Perfect Setting

A traditional white picket fence and a sweeping Texas hillside create an idyllic backdrop for Jacob and Michael’s tiny house. Nestled in the Crosswinds Tiny House Community, their charming abode is complemented by a luxurious patio adorned with comfortable outdoor furniture, twinkling bistro lights, and even smaller tiny homes for their cats, affectionately called the “cattio.” This picturesque setting is a far cry from the sparse offerings of 2017, when tiny house communities were a rarity. Today, enthusiasts like Jacob and Michael have hundreds of communities to choose from.

The Journey Begins

Years before meeting Michael, Jacob was already dreaming big about his tiny house. He spent countless hours collecting photos and meticulously planning his future home. A transformative ski trip to Colorado turned his dreams into reality when the couple visited the Tumbleweed factory. Jacob jokes, “It only took an hour before I was convinced to purchase a Tumbleweed. They have a stellar sales team… about six months later, they were towing the tiny house down here. They did a great job with it. Super pleased with how it turned out.”

“They have a stellar sales team… about six months later they were towing the tiny house down here. They did a great job with it. Super pleased with how it turned out.”

Jacob Surratt

Crafting a Cozy Home

The interior of their tiny house is a testament to thoughtful design and practical innovation. Storage was a top priority for Jacob and Michael, and they maximized every inch of space. The stairs feature built-in drawers and a secret hamper, while the loft offers additional storage. Their kitchen is a marvel of efficiency, boasting a tiny dishwasher, a microwave with a built-in convection oven, and a hidden spice rack.

A Unique Loft Space

Perhaps the most unique feature of their tiny house is the upstairs loft. Eschewing the typical use of the loft as a sleeping area, Jacob and Michael reimagined it as a cozy mini living room. They added skylights directly above the couch, creating a bright and airy lounge and entertainment center. To make the most of the limited space, they found a low-slung couch on Wayfair.com and removed the legs, ensuring ample headroom and a comfortable seating area.

Living the Dream

One can’t help but admire the way Jacob and Michael have transformed their tiny house into a warm, inviting home. Their story is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity that the tiny house movement inspires. As they sit on their outdoor couch, glasses of red wine in hand and a contented cat on Michael’s lap, they exude a sense of relaxation and satisfaction.

Take a Tour

For a closer look at their innovative home, check out this video by Tiny House Expedition. It showcases every nook and cranny of their Farallon 26 Alta, highlighting the clever storage solutions and stylish furniture that make their tiny house a standout. Jacob and Michael’s journey from dream to reality is an inspiring example of how small spaces can be transformed into big dreams.

This delightful tiny house story is a reminder that with a bit of creativity, any space can become a perfect home. Whether you’re a tiny house enthusiast or just love clever design, Jacob and Michael’s cozy abode is sure to inspire.

Photos courtesy of Tiny House Expedition.