A traditional white picket fence and sweeping Texas hillside surround Jacob and Michael’s tiny house. Nestled in the Crosswinds Tiny House Community, their little abode is surrounded by a luxurious patio adorned with outdoor furniture, bistro lights, and even smaller tiny homes for their cats (which they call the “cattio”). Back in 2017, communities such as these were almost unheard of, but now-a-days, there are hundreds to choose from.

Years before we met Jacob, he was collecting tiny house photos and making big plans for his tiny house. It was a ski trip in Colorado that pushed their plans into high gear when the couple visited the Tumbleweed factory. Jacob jokingly admits that it only took an hour before he was convinced to purchase his Tumbleweed, “They have a stellar sales team… about six month later they were towing the tiny house down here. They did a great job with it. Super pleased with how it turned out.”