Meet Cody and Randi, owners and builders of this gorgeous Tiny House RV nicknamed “Best Little House in Texas.” With their tiny dwelling in tow, they are in the midst of a six-month road trip across the country. So far they’ve been traveling for three months, hitting 18 states! We just had to catch up and interview these Tiny House Travelers to see how it’s going!

Basing their design off of the Tumbleweed Elm, Cody and Randi built a beautiful custom Tiny House RV with french doors and intricate trim work. They added an extra gable over their front door and sided their tiny abode with painted wood and cedar shingles.

Tiny House Travelers

Isn’t that a gorgeous Tiny House RV?

On the interior, Cody and Randi have a full size couch that is swoon-worthy and rare for a tiny house living room. Their loft includes two skylights, which allows natural light to bounce off of their white interior paneling, illuminating their gorgeous living space.

Best Little House in Texas

Every element and belonging in Cody and Randi’s Tiny House RV is a representation of their life together.

Best Little House in Texas

The heart and soul of Cody and Randi’s design revolves around their idea of “home.” Their exposed wood beams, round window trim and reclaimed floor boards are all native to their home state of Texas. They also allocated space in their design for a record player, collection of books and nicknacks collected from their experiences together.

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