Tiny House Style Book

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Tiny House Style:
Ideas to Design and Decorate Your Tiny House

by Steve Weissmann and Jenna Spesard

In Tiny House Style, you will travel through pages of tiny homes between 100 and 200 square feet. Let your creativity drive and encounter endless possibilities. Live beyond the limits and allow yourself to dream tiny.

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In the Tiny House Style book, you will discover the unique beauty of Tiny House RVing as you tour through sleeping spaces, living rooms, bathrooms, storage spaces, and more!

  • Over 100 beautiful photos
  • Inspiration from tiny house builders
  • Unique and traditional styles
  • A diverse collection of tiny houses
  • Design your perfect tiny house
  • Printed in the USA

Through our extensive collection of breathtaking photos, you will develop a recipe for your perfect RV, ingredient by ingredient. See how others have built tiny spaces that accommodate all the comforts of a traditional RV, dive into the oceanic world of tiny architecture, and learn how you can expand your recreation space. TINY HOUSE STYLE will feed your appetite for design, help set your creativity free, and guide you towards the RV of your dreams.

Tiny House Style Book

A Taste of What’s Inside “Tiny House Style”

  • 131 Full color pages
  • Over 100 magnificent high quality photographs from professional photographers and tiny home builders
  • Tour through dozens of interiors and exteriors ranging from 89–172 square feet
  • Inspirational forward by Zack Griffin / Host, Tiny House Nation and Tiny Home Builder
  • Travel through a variety of layouts and determine which would best accommodate your recreational needs
  • See how personal style, unique materials and interior/exterior details work to create the aesthetic of your RV
  • Learn how traditional architecture and key design elements can establish your overall composition
  • Get ideas for storage, kitchens, great rooms, and more!
  • Go behind-the-scenes and view a variety of “unmentionables” including: toilets, air conditioning units, electrical hookups, etc.
  • See innovative ways tiny homes are used, journey to the beautiful landscapes and climates in which they reside, and much more!

What Makes a Tiny House Unique?

Inside these 131 pages you will explore the endless possibilities of tiny design and discover that no two Tiny House RVs are like. Whether your personal style is minimal, luxurious, quirky, contemporary, rustic or eccentric, this book will ignite your imagination and help you envision your ideal RV.

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