One of the wonderful advantages that separates Tiny House RVs from regular RVs is that you can design them to withstand an extreme cold climate. At Tumbleweed, we’ve even designed tinies for wintering in Alaska! Below are FIVE techniques that will keep your Tumbleweed toasty, even in freezing temperatures.

cold climate

Ariel’s Tumbleweed in Wyoming winter. Photo credit:

1). Start with a high R-value

Let’s begin with the obvious: the more insulation you pack into your Tiny House RV, the more efficient the space will be to heat and cool. For an extreme cold climate, we use rock wool insulation. Unlike a traditional RV that has 5-7 R of insulation a Tumbleweed Tiny House RV has about 17-18 R value. Even though this is lower than home insulation in extreme cold climates, we find that because the space is so small this proves to be enough insulation.