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FREE Tumbleweed Building Plans

We’ve made our legacy plans available for download.


Elm 20 Plans

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The iconic Elm is modeled off of the very first Tumbleweed. Featuring a functional full porch, an emblematic lancet window and use of symmetry showcases its entry. Learn more about these plans.

Cypress 20 Plans

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The alluring Cypress is the epitome of beauty and function. The sweeping bay windows, proportional corner porch, hipped roof and clever use of space lead to its popularity. Learn more about these plans

Linden Plans - Tumbleweed Tiny House

Linden 20 Plans

Free Download

The Linden was a Tumbleweed model from 2013-2106. A unique roofline made for a large sleeping loft. Learn more about these plans

Do It Yourself Tiny House Builders

Little House in Little Rock

Built from the Tumbleweed Whidbey construction plans back in 2011, this 600 square foot Tiny House features a bedroom downstairs with a loft above. Designed to be built on [...]

Designer Builds Craftsman Tiny House RV

After graduating from architecture school, Meg joined the Tumbleweed tribe as a designer. Since then she has taught dozens of Tumbleweed workshops all over the country, remaining an integral part [...]

Retired Policeman Builds Tiny House RV

Art Cormier has followed a winding path from police officer to rock wall gym owner to Tumbleweed workshop presenter and Tiny House RV educator. We first discovered Art after he [...]

Traveling Texas in a Tiny House

Meet Cody and Randi, owners and builders of this gorgeous Tiny House RV nicknamed "Best Little House in Texas." With their tiny dwelling in tow, they are in the midst [...]

Contemporary Tiny House in Great Barrington, MA

Deidre has been interested in building a cottage since she was introduced to Tumbleweed eight years ago. Originally she fell in love with Tumbleweed's B-53 design, but after purchasing a [...]

Zack Giffin’s Ski Lodge on Wheels

When extreme skiers Zack Giffin and Molly Baker set out to pitch their idea for a ski tour to their sponsor, Outdoor Research, Tumbleweed’s Elm provided the inspiration to [...]

Couple Builds Tiny House in Austin, Texas

As with most DIYers, Eddie and Lacey didn’t have any construction experience prior to their Tumbleweed build. Eddie attended a Tumbleweed workshop in 2010, purchased a trailer, dvd and Cypress construction [...]

Reality TV Tiny House

You may recognize this tiny house RV from a recent episode on FYI's Tiny House Nation. This 207 square foot RV belongs to the Kasl family of four (that's about [...]

30 Acres and a Tiny House

Laurel Mundy and Brandon Husby first heard about the Tiny House Movement in the summer of 2014, while they were living in a large and sparsely furnished apartment in [...]

Biggest Tiny House

In 2008, Ben and Sabrina built a Tumbleweed Enesti. They purchased the building plans and worked with a local architect to modify it to fit their needs.  Checking in at [...]

Tiny House on the California Coast

Ella never built anything before undertaking a tiny home. She attended the Tumbleweed workshop and began building her Tumbleweed Cypress the next month. Her enthusiasm was and is contagious. You [...]

Boulder Newlyweds Build Tiny House RV

Introducing newlyweds Adina and Ian, who are close to finishing construction on their own custom Tiny House RV in Boulder, Colorado.  The young couple built their tiny dream after being inspired [...]

Tiny House in Germany

Hanspeter and his German Modified Tumbleweed Hanspeter is currently building a Tumbleweed in Germany, a country where the tiny house movement is in its inception, but this isn't his first [...]

Super Techy Tiny House RV

“Love at first sight.” Mario describes what it was like when he saw a Tumbleweed tiny house for the first time. “I had butterflies in my stomach and it [...]

DIY Tiny House Rental in Olympia, WA

Over the internet I bought a set of plans, purchased a tiny fireplace online, and – having it shipped to my address in Olympia – invested myself my future [...]

Homemade Fifth Wheel Tiny House RV

Brian & Skyler's "Fifth Wheel" Tiny House RV The fifth wheel design is a popular concept in the tiny house movement that hardly ever sees fruition. What's so great [...]

Backyard Tiny House in New Orleans

Meet Derek and his backyard Tiny House RV located in the heart of New Orleans! Derek's modified Cypress 18 was originally used for a living space close to work, [...]

Barn Shaped Roof Tiny House RV

Shawn and Luise caught the tiny-house-bug several years ago. After attending a Tumbleweed workshop and purchasing a trailer in 2013, it took three years for the couple to finish their "Runaway [...]

25,000 Mile Tiny House Journey

Hi! Jenna Spesard here. It has been four years since I started my Tiny House journey and, in that time, I've learned a lot about the Tiny House movement and myself [...]