Tumbleweed Do-It-Yourself Products

At Tumbleweed we want to make sure the transition to going tiny is as simple and fun as possible. Helping guide you through multiple ways to work with your skill-set and time, we offer a variety of products.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Shell

We frame and sheath your tiny house on wheels for you. You add the parts and finishes inside and out.
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Tumbleweed Tiny House Trailer

The perfect foundation for your Tiny House RV. Our heavy-duty, RV-rated trailers are the best.
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Tumbleweed Tiny House Building Plans and Video

Our extensive building knowledge and experience make Tumbleweed Building Plans the best in the industry. Focusing on showing you how to build your own tiny house whether you are a beginning builder or expert contractor. We show you how to build tiny with our Tumbleweed Tiny House Building Plans.

Tumbleweed Cypress Building Plans

The alluring Cypress is the epitome of beauty and function. The sweeping bay windows, proportional corner porch, hipped roof and clever use of space lead to its popularity.

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Tumbleweed Elm Building Plans

The iconic Elm is modeled off of the very first Tumbleweed. Featuring a functional full porch, an emblematic lancet window and use of symmetry showcases its entry.

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Tumbleweed Tiny House Stair Plans

You can now build your own tiny house stairs for your Tumbleweed! Purchase individually or included for FREE with every Tumbleweed Building Plan purchase.

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Tumbleweed Construction Video

The complete “how to” resource for building your tiny house on wheels. Over 3 hours of Tumbleweed building How-To’s. FREE Shipping Anywhere in the United States.

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Are you ready to go tiny? Tumbleweed’s Tiny House Workshops help guide you to build your own Tiny House RV, downsize, learn lifestyle and design tricks, while tapping into the growing alternative movement. Whether you’re just tiny-curious or ready to start construction, our workshop will having you dreaming tiny.

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“This workshop was exactly what I needed to convince me that a house on wheels is the lifestyle for me. Great information and happy to have a networking system moving forward.”
– Megan