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We ordered siding. My heart was set on a bright Key West type colour (yellow or blue), but when I found out that would take 6 weeks for delivery (long after the class will be finished working), I decided I could live with the options they gave me -- all fairly dull earthy colours. Sigh. I’ll be painting my front door the brightest most eye blinding colour possible. I’m going with vertical siding rather than horizontal just to break up the long look of the trailer. The siding is going to set me back around a thousand dollars. I’ll know the exact number when I get the final bill. I think my actual costs have been about $7700 (including the trailer). I’ve estimated I’ll spend at least another 7000 on siding, fixtures, appliances, etc. I know there are people out there who know how to do all of this for zero dollars; I’m not one of them. I guess if I’d been scrounging for years, I’d have a lot of this on hand, but since everything has to happen now or yesterday, the options are limited.

On the weekend a house that was under construction blew down. Don’t think I didn’t contemplate going over to see what could be scrounged!

Written by Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School — May 25, 2010

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The walls are up

All 4 walls are up and the class is working on building the interior wall and a pocket door for the bathroom.  Next week, they’ll be working on insulating the place and wiring the electrical.  Fortunately our former shop teacher has his electrical papers.

Written by Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School — May 19, 2010

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KCI school build - tongue and groove

Interior Walls –I like the panels they used in the protohaus.  They had to paint it, but it’s a clean look.  Apparently the grooves are deep and they’re tricky to paint though.  I also like the look of the interior of Jay’s Fencl.  I was able to get knotty pine tongue and groove (cottage grade which means lots of knots) really cheaply.  Home Depot had a skid of this available.  It is normally priced between 12.99 – 15.99 a bundle (A bundle covers 14 square feet).

They listed the price as 8.79 a bundle.  When I went to the check out, the cashier said it was 6.99.  Being honest, I let her know this wasn’t the price listed. She shrugged and said, the register says 6.99, so 6.99 it was.  With taxes, I paid just shy of $400 for everything.  50 bundles is more than I’ll need for the walls, but the class will use it for closet doors, etc.

Written by Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School — May 11, 2010

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32 million copies!

We're on the cover of Parade Magazine. This could be the biggest exposure for Tumbleweed ... ever! I'm frantically trying to optimize our website. Is it too late to upgrade our server? Probably. I wish I found out sooner.

Written by Steve Weissmann — April 30, 2010

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Buying Flooring was super easy. There’s a local company that sells excellent hardwood, and they have a discount center in Tillsonburg where they offer small amounts super cheaply. My friend who lives in Tilsonburg has offered to pick it up and delivery it to the school. Breezewood forest products http://www.woodfloorsdirect.ca/ I was able to get 213 square feet of hemlock, and another 60 of locust. The hemlock is like pine. Farmers sometimes use it for their barn floors.

It will be perfect for the downstairs. Locust is very hard, and I’ll use it in the loft. No one will be able to walk around up there, and the mattress will cover most of the floor, so it is a waste to have such a hard wood, but it will be lovely. The wood only cost $1.00 a square foot. I’ll have to stain the wood, but that shouldn’t be a big problem.

Written by Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School — April 30, 2010

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